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About Calibre

Calibre Project Group is a Sydney based construction company committed to delivering outstanding building solutions in collaboration with our clients.

Our network of reliable, committed and highly skilled professionals work seamlessly together, producing work of exceptional quality on every project.  

The key to Calibre’s success lies in our dedication to extend beyond our clients needs, operating with honest transparency and friendly open communication. We partner with our clients, investing in their journey, ensuring to take the time to understand specific requirements to each project. And we strive to form genuine connections with clients that extend beyond the life of the project.

We are the conduit between the architect’s vision and the client’s dream, believing in a client-focused, solutions-based approach. We tackle challenging situations with calm expertise, clearly articulating appropriate solutions and flagging potential issues as they arise - our goal is to create a positive and memorable experience for clients while delivering outstanding construction outcomes.


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The team

Calibre Project Group was established as a family business of Master Builders, by Michel Zaarour and sons James and Jason. Having worked with top tier Australian construction companies, James and Jason have valuable experience in complex project management on large scale projects that stand them in good stead as leaders of their own construction company.

The culture they have developed at Calibre reflects this:

  • Collaboration - with all stakeholders, whether client, or architect, or both
  • Communication - always operate with honest, open and friendly communication lines
  • Connection - establishing a genuine connection with client and project

Our values

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We are the conduit between the architects vision and the clients dream, working collaboratively to achieve the best results

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We operate with honest, open and friendly communication, ensuring all stakeholders are informed at all times, flagging potential issues as they arise

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We believe in forming genuine connections with our clients, extending beyond expectations during and following project completion

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We are a trusted Sydney-based building team dedicated to empowering your construction journey
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